Artificial Intelligence and the Law: Science Fiction or Science Fact? – Andrew Arruda Clio

Artificial Intelligence (A.I.)

  • Speech
  • Vision
  • Language

Machine Learning = A.I.

Originally we use JAVA follows what we input (print, close or open). Machine learning means that the machine starts to learn and interact without fixed input. It can come up with suggestion and learn from our answers.

SPEECH: Alexa / Siri. Interacting with people using voice command and learns from the interaction

VISION: See images/video especially in self-driving cars

LANGUAGE: Sentiment Analysis

A.I. in Other Areas:

Transportation – Auto Driving Cars Recognize Car/People, Speed, Building

Finance – High Speed Trading

Health Care – Drugs compound simulation

A.I. in Law:

  1. Contract Review
  2. Prediction on Patent Cases
  3. Streamline Diligence Cases
  4. Keep firm up to dated with changes in Laws

Danger of Techno-phobia:

People tend to overact and only try to see to bad side of new technology.

You can miss out on gaining a competitive advantage and/or deliver better services to your client if you are techno-phobia.